Billing Agency Subscription Information - 2016 Rates

Description: Faith and Philosophy publishes refereed scholarly articles that fall largely within the philosophy of religion, with special emphasis on issues pertinent to philosophy and the Christian faith. It also publishes discussions, symposia, and book reviews. Faith and Philosophy is widely recognized as the leading journal in the field. The journal is the publishing organ of the Society of Christian Philosophers. Articles are refereed by our Editorial Board. Consult inside front cover of journal for submision address and instructions.

Frequency / Fulfillment / ISSN: Published quarterly (Jan, Apr, Jul, Oct). One or two month publication delay is possible. 2016 is volume year 33; issues 1,2,3,4. / We dispatch by 3rd class mail. Foreign surface mail can take up to three months after publication. See Air Mail option below. / ISSN 0739-7046

Term / Expiration Adjustment: Minimum subscription period is one calendar/volume year. We prefer initial subscriptions calculated to expire at end of volume/calendar year, which is October (x.4). Please Calculate subscriptions to have x.4 expire date. See price incentive to agencies in the pricing section of this form.

Formats: Currently available only in traditional printed format. Trim size 6"X9". Currently, our cumulative historical index is on the web at At this time, we do not list full-text articles on the web site. No electronic format is currently available, but an online version is being produced.

Rates: Annual Rates are as follows: Institutions - $79, Individuals - $45, Students - $25. Add annual postage costs to subscription rate as appropriate. Delivery to U.S. - $0, Canada - $18, and all other non-U.S. add $18.

Billing Agency Incentive: Deduct $2 from the total cost of each subscription.

Air Mail Service: Not available.

Payment: Checks must be made in U.S. funds drawn directly on a U.S. bank. Payments must be made in advance. International Money Orders are acceptable. Visa, Mastercard, and Discover payment available for an additional $5 processing fee. Cancellations not accepted. No direct deposits to our account.

Back Issues: All back issues are available for $12 each up to and including 2000. For issues from 2001 to present the price is $12 each. Some issues are only available in photocopy form and cost an additional $ each for photocopy service. Write us for Back issue order form, or print it from this website. See article listings also on our web site at

Make checks payable to PHILOSOPHY DOCUMENTATION CENTER. Send payment with this invoice to:

Philosophy Documentation Center

P.O. Box 7147

Charlottesville, VA 22906-7147


Phone: 1-800-444-2419 (U.S. & Canada) or 1-434-220-3300


Rights and Permissions: Contact current Managing Editor listed on inside front cover of any current journal.